In the Philippines the word mesa came into use when the Spaniards introduced it into the local language during their settlement of the country in the early 17th Century and over times it changed to Lamesa.

The Filipino tradition of kindness and hospitality is world renowned and our love for graceful entertaining is well reflected by our tables, laden with opulent delicacies that blend harmoniously with settings that display our fondness for exquisite appointments and meticulously-chosen accessories.

Today, the Lamesa, is the centerpiece of the all important family meal, the occasional gathering of friends or high-powered business meetings.

Inspired by the diversity of the Spanish and Mediterranean region, that strongly influenced not only the variety of designs of our tables, but brought a great range of flavors and taste sensations, we choose the name Lamesa for this place.

Located in the heart of the German/French community we also offering selected seasonal dishes from those countries.

Enjoy our selection of food and wine together with a cozy ambience and feel at home at……LAMESA